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Mission Statement

Americans United Again's mission is to promote policies and standards that encourage a better society based on our constitution and our founding principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.  The U.S. Constitution serves as a basis of inspiration for not just ourselves but the rest of the world as well. Our goal is to help guarantee that we as a country continuously work to live up to the spirit of our constitution and to make sure the American Dream of hard work and integrity paying off apply to all citizens and those who wish to be.

Why We Started

This movement was started to encourage growth within the American population, to unify Americans around the values we all agree upon and to ensure that minority groups have equal rights and protection. Our philosophy is based on the very American value that united we stand, divided we fall. Our government has become gridlocked by a myriad of issues and is failing to address the will of the people as it is intended to. Through cooperation on common issues and principles from otherwise opposing ideologies we can put the will of the people back in charge. Only then can we truly begin to work towards equal rights for all groups.

AUA Podcast Episode 7


July 18th, 2014

AUA Podcast Episode 7 Show Notes:


Ch. 1: Intro Theme - It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys

Ch. 2: Intro

Ch. 3: Cases:


1. 6/30/14 - Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.


Why Women Aren’t People But Corporations Are



2. 6/30/14 - Harris v. Quinn


     Ch. 4: Renegade By Jay-Z feat. Eminem

     Ch. 5: Cases continued


3. 6/26/14 - McCullen v. Coakley


4. 6/25/14 - American Broadcasting Cos. v. Aereo, Inc.



5. 6/25/14 - Riley v. California


    Ch 6. Listener Comments and Website/Movement updates



 b. Stitcher Radio, now on iTunes and YouTube 

 c. Reminders about Tshirts, Amazon Kickback Page, Blog. 

    Ch 7. Outro- It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys

Produced by Ricky Hinds, Cherelle Kantey & James Kitchens

Edited by Ricky Hinds & Cherelle Kantey