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Mission Statement

Americans United Again's mission is to promote policies and standards that encourage a better society based on our constitution and our founding principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.  The U.S. Constitution serves as a basis of inspiration for not just ourselves but the rest of the world as well. Our goal is to help guarantee that we as a country continuously work to live up to the spirit of our constitution and to make sure the American Dream of hard work and integrity paying off apply to all citizens and those who wish to be.

Why We Started

This movement was started to encourage growth within the American population, to unify Americans around the values we all agree upon and to ensure that minority groups have equal rights and protection. Our philosophy is based on the very American value that united we stand, divided we fall. Our government has become gridlocked by a myriad of issues and is failing to address the will of the people as it is intended to. Through cooperation on common issues and principles from otherwise opposing ideologies we can put the will of the people back in charge. Only then can we truly begin to work towards equal rights for all groups.

#McKinney: So Much White Supremacy

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The #McKinney incident has shown White America the world Black America lives in & did so in a way that White America didn’t want to have to experience. To most Black people the videos of what happened are triggering. They bring back some memory of a similar occurrence they dealt with, an occurrence that they repress just to get through each day. To many White people, those who see the difference in how Black people are treated by police, the actions caught them by surprise & likely filled them with hurt & anger. This is progress for many in White America because they’ve refused to believe what Black America has been saying all along, “That good cop who speaks nicely to you, treats us like disposable, sub-human occupants of this country.” It was evidenced in the way that Corporal Casebolt talked to the White teenager filming the video & how he responds to every other Black teenager present. Those children he was cussing at aren’t even allowed to see movies with that much cussing in them without parental supervision but an officer of the law sees fit to verbally abusing them in a manner that if their parents did on camera, would garner outrage. Worse is that NOT ONE adult there stopped him from at least doing that. Think about that when you watch the video or run it back over & over in your mind.


I honestly love the discussions I’ve seen & heard around this ordeal from people but there’s something that many aren’t focused on when they talk about this situation & that is just how much of a role racism/White Male Supremacy played into it:


  • It obviously played into how the situation began, with two White women harassing the Black kids at the pool party & then berating a White kid when she voiced her displeasure. Of course it played a role in how the fight started with 19 year old Tatiana Rose deciding to confront the women about their harassment & one of them attacked her.

  • White Supremacy played a role in just WHY the police were called. They weren’t called for a hate crime or an assault, the real reason they needed to show up. They were called about a bunch of Black people fighting. From the outset the police were given reason to come in & harass Black people & they surely didn’t disappoint did they? The video opens up with officer Casebolt running around chasing Black children more akin to a caffeine intoxicated hamster than an officer of the law. And worse off his fellow officers, though appearing mostly calm, do nothing to stop him from harassing children who weren’t even involved in the altercation they were called about.  

  • White Supremacy played a role in just why so many officers were present. Upon the first car arriving many of the teenagers reportedly scattered. Given what transpired I can’t say I blame them. Innocent Black people being legitimately afraid of police didn’t start after this incident, it started long before. It’s highly doubtful that those children hadn’t already had a relationship with police that was soured both by the way they themselves are treated & the many instances of government sanctioned violence on Black bodies. So when some ran, more cops were called, ignoring the fact that even if they were innocent, they had substantial reason to be afraid.

  • White Male Supremacy played a role in the harassment & unnecessary detention of Dajerria Becton by Casebolt. Let’s be clear, a 15 year talking back to an officer, especially one who is actively harassing her, her friends & her family, is not a crime & definitely not a threat to Casebolt. You can only berate someone while in a position of authority for so long before the people on the receiving end use what they have to stand up for themselves. In Dajerria’s case she used her words & her legs. Casebolt’s detention of her wasn’t about the law, it was about pride. His actions signify someone thinking, “How dare this little Black bitch talk to me like that?” rather than “This child broke the law & needs to be held accountable.” He used his power & authority demean, abuse & harass a child.

  • White Male Supremacy played a role in Casebolt’s ability to harass these children, Becton especially, while still being relatively safe. The young men who approached him were looking to remove him from his post on top of a child, not specifically to injure him. Therefore Casebolt didn’t draw on them to protect himself but in effect drew a gun to stand his ground on top of a 15 year old girl. The young men, who despite doing something technically illegal by interfering with an arrest deserve to be applauded. They are the embodiment of what #BlackLivesMatter should look like. They saw a Black life being devalued, being shown it didn’t matter & they made the decision to try & put a stop to it. Could their actions have caused Dajerria to be harmed further? Absolutely. It was clear that this cop was dangerous & that the move could backfire. The same thing happens in war when someone is downed, injured or captured. The one thing we don’t do in these situations is blame airmen, marines, sailors & soldiers for trying to save a one another from harm, nor should we. If soldiers in war aren’t held to that standard then why should children in duress be? To do so is racist because it holds Black children to an unlivable standard. Casebolt & the officers who didn’t immediately disarm him instead of chasing the young men made it very clear that the punishment for valuing Black lives should be severe injury or death. For their bravery one was awarded what appeared to be a bloody mouth & may face charges. They were the ONLY people to even attempt to stop Casebolt from ego tripping on a minor. Not his fellow officers, not the other adult men or women present, no one else.

  • White Male Supremacy was why the teenager filming the video, Brandon Brooks, who is White, wasn’t cussed at or abused & was walking around freely filming while every other kid was being forced into police submission. Thankfully Brandon used his privilege to expose what happened instead of being complicit. Speaking of complicity, the White men & one man who appeared to be an older balding Black man who were present in the video were assisting the police in holding innocent children hostage by trying to calm them with pacifying voices instead of standing up for the kids’ dignity. One man, the large man in the  tan shirt & jeans shorts even goes so far as to stand over the girl with his crotch on the back of her head, in what appeared to be an attempt to stop her from getting up, a perverted way to get some sexual pleasure, to show off his political preference (Teabagging, get it?) or some combination of the three.

  • White Male Supremacy has shaped how Dajerria’s actions have been framed & the expectations for Black children under duress.  Many of the same people saying“She shouldn’t have talked back” or calling her a thug are the same voices that defended the pedophilia of Josh Duggar. What so demented about the comparison is that Duggar received less punishment  from a police officer, an officer who himself is a pedophile, for molesting his sisters & other young women than Dajerria received for responding rudely (and rightfully so might I add) to an officer who is literally actively terrorizing her friends & family. Again keep in mind that two White women started this melee, yet there are no White women in sight being treated the way these innocent kids are. Black people are being punished for being victims of a crime but there are those who can’t understand our aversion to police.


If this incident isn’t enough evidence of the pervasiveness of racism via White Supremacy then you’re part of the problem. Honestly, White Male Supremacy is killing this country from the inside out & it has always been doing so. It has functioned as a congenital disease in this country & yes we’ve gotten this far while largely ignoring it but the reality is that we haven’t really gotten that far.